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Author: thread2
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Subject: [Exim] trouble relaying mail
After several painful hours hunting around irc channels and mailing lists looking for a magical fix, I've decided to submit my situation to the exim mailing list.

My situation is this: I'm at a client machine here using Mindspring dialup for my isp. I'm also attempting to configure a mailserver out on the internet running exim. Since all of the people who will be sending email through its exim are on individual isps, I'd like to set up my relay ruleset to reflect each person's isp's ranges as tightly as possible.

I've determined that 'host_accept_relay' in the /etc/exim.conf is the directive I'm looking for, and so I've set it accordingly:

host_accept_relay =*.mindspring.com

(10.0.0.x is the internal network behind the server, which I'd also like to relay mail for.) My hostname is user-2injkmp.dialup.mindspring.com which will resolve to a valid ip, and vice versa. It seems that I still cannot send mail through the server from my client, Mindspring location.

And yes, I /have/ restarted exim :) Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.