Re: [Exim] Re: About running the whole mail system as 'exim'

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Author: John Holman
To: Jan Schreckenbach
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] Re: About running the whole mail system as 'exim'

Nothing to do with exim, but since you asked ..

In fact timsieved *can* use PAM to authenticate. There is a bug in Cyrus
1.6.64 which means you have to create a Cyrus.conf file in /usr/lib/sasl
containing pwcheck_method: PAM. This may be fixed in 1.6.65 (currently in


> Running a server with both, real and virtual users is no problem.
> The imapd can use any authentication method via PAM, but not the
> timesived. The latter is nessesary to give users the option to
> upload a sieve script. Maybe someone has a solution for that.
> cu,
> Jan
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