Re: [Exim] Problem with -Meb environment being destroyed

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Author: Philip Hazel
To: Phil Pennock
CC: Exim Users
Subject: Re: [Exim] Problem with -Meb environment being destroyed
On Mon, 22 May 2000, I wrote:

> Another alternative, is to avoid destroying the environment specifically
> in the -Meb case. (And any others which are relevant.) Maybe that makes
> more sense.
> Thanks for the report. I will do something about it in due course.

I have done a bit of thinking about this. On reflection, it seems to me
that flattening the environment was a bad idea, and should be removed.
You never know what settings might be required in some OS.

That leaves the problem of the timezones. I now have a new proposal:

. There is an Exim option called tz, which can be used to set a

. The value of tz defaults to the setting of TZ when Exim is built.

. In any Exim run, if timestamps_utc is not set, Exim compares the
setting of TZ with the setting of tz.

. If they are different, it makes a copy of the environment, leaving out
any existing TZ setting, and adding (if necessary) the required TZ

. This copy is then used from then on.

It seems to me that this scheme will work in all operating systems. The
HANDS_OFF_ENVIRONMENT compiler macro can be abolished.

Any comments?

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