Re: [Exim] Problem with -Meb environment being destroyed

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Author: Andy Mell
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] Problem with -Meb environment being destroyed
Philip Hazel <ph10@???> wrote:

> The destroying of the environment is the only way I know - and it works
> only on some operating systems - of getting Exim to write its timestamps
> in "wallclock" time. I introduced it after a complaint that if the TZ
> variable was set by some user who then called Exim, it logged in the
> wrong timezone.

But there is a point to the TZ variable - it is for users on one system
who are geographically dispersed. What if the user wants the mail to be
sent with timezone and the time in the headers set according to the user's
locality. I could for example, be sending email from a system in Cambridge
but be physically in New York - I may well not want the email to have
Cambridge local time stamped on it.

Why should it use system local time in particular? If its a problem for
logging, surely TZ can be subtracted so that the logs show system local
time but the email has the user local time stamped on it.

Andy Mell, Network Manager, Cambridge University Press, Shaftesbury Road,
Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK.