Re: [Exim] Problem with -Meb environment being destroyed

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Author: Phil Pennock
To: Exim Users
Subject: Re: [Exim] Problem with -Meb environment being destroyed
Typing away merrily, Philip Hazel produced the immortal words:
> > Thanks for the report. I will do something about it in due course.

Responsiveness. Coo ... :^) Thanks.

> I have done a bit of thinking about this. On reflection, it seems to me
> that flattening the environment was a bad idea, and should be removed.
> You never know what settings might be required in some OS.

May I throw a load of mud into the settling waters of this argument and
say "maximum paranoia"? I really dislike having setuid programs which
start other programs and which don't flatten the environment, unless
there's extremely good reason.

How about a "preserve_environment" which takes a list of environment
variables, or if unset passes things through by default?


Then when someone hits a weird OS problem, they can tack the relevant
variable in there too. And of course all of these variables should be
truncated to some limit - viz the recent TERMINFO problems with one of
the curses libraries.

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