Re: [exim-dev] Remote root vulnerability in Exim

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Author: Gerd Koslowski
To: Exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] Remote root vulnerability in Exim
Am 2011-01-22 13:48, Ted Cooper schrieb:

> The current version does not have this bug. It was resolved in 4.70
> which is many years old and 4.73 is out currently. 4.74 may be out soon.
> If your server has been compromised, backup any data and format it.
> Someone has had full root access to your machine and there is no way to
> ensure that you have cleaned up every back door or trojan.

Ok, it was running exim4.69-9 as currently distributed by debian-lenny.
... so there was still this vulnerability.

Thanks for your advice.