Re: [exim-dev] Remote root vulnerability in Exim

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Author: Ted Cooper
To: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] Remote root vulnerability in Exim
On 22/01/11 17:49, Gerd Koslowski wrote:
> I think that my server was also a victim of this vulnerability.
> I had a hidden .x...something file in the spool directory and a strange
> ..
> As I am not a developer of exim4 I am waiting for a new exim4 to come
> after the bug has been resolved.

The current version does not have this bug. It was resolved in 4.70
which is many years old and 4.73 is out currently. 4.74 may be out soon.

If your server has been compromised, backup any data and format it.
Someone has had full root access to your machine and there is no way to
ensure that you have cleaned up every back door or trojan.