Re: [exim] "Vista Mail" and errors after DATA

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Author: Eli
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] "Vista Mail" and errors after DATA
> Did you try this by yourself? In my experience, it seems (at least
> some) antivirus software does not hook to ports but to outlook itself,
> so changing ports still doesn't prevent the antivirus to handle the
> connections.

I have tried this in the past - I wasn't mentioning port 2525 to hope to
bypass the software that hooks in to the MUA, rather so that the OP would
know they can run a "test daemon" on a live production server with the same
config. It helps tons to be able to do that (I believe it's like -oX or
whatever to specify the alternate port) and I find my self wishing other
programs supported that as well!