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Author: Philippe Laurent
To: exim-users
New-Topics: [Exim] Deliver certain domains to a different
Subject: [Exim] (no subject)
After 6 hours of trial and error/googling/FAQ/Help Guide, I've come to
the conclusion that I'm too stupid to figure this out. Any help would
be appreciated.

Problem: I want to redirect mail for several domains to another program
(cc Pro) on the same box, while keeping the remainder of the domains on
the standard IMAP message store. Fundamentally, I'm referring to FAQ
Q0206: "How can I get Exim to deliver certain domains to a different
SMTP port on my local host?"

Below is the best I could cough up. I'm afraid its not good enough, as
I get a "internal_smtp transport called with no hosts set" error in the
exim_mainlog during every attempted route to that domain.

### Director
# Route to pass domain mail to other MAIL PROG
driver = manualroute
domains = mydomain.com
transport = internal_smtp

#### Transport
driver = smtp
port = 26

Many Thanks in advance for your efforts.