RE: [Exim] How do I unfreeze messages

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Author: Dan Muey
To: Paul Wilson, exim-users
Subject: RE: [Exim] How do I unfreeze messages

> > I have about 70 frozen messages just stuck there.
> > Anyone know any commands to unfreeze everythgin that's frozen?
> mailq | grep frozen | awk '{print $3}' | xargs exim -v -M

Cool thanks! I don't have mailq on my system. Even if I do locate -u then locate mailq
IS that supposed to be a path to a directory or something?

> > I'll see what I can find. I was asking here though because I don't
> > really know What and how I want to it because I'm not
> totally for sure
> > why/how they get frozen in the first place let alone what I
> should be
> > trying to do about it.
> You should really read the general overview of the docs
> before just trying out the software.

I know, it was installed, configured and run via cpanel so that's one problem, since I din't go throught the install process I'm not familiar with it. And with this particular deal there's no man pages that I can find and seems a bit disorganized and is unsearchable as far as I can tell. Hence my annoying questions here :)

Thanks Paul

> Paul