Re: [exim] SMTP (+auth) via unix socket?

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Author: Kirill Miazine
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] SMTP (+auth) via unix socket?
* Felipe Gasper via Exim-users [2018-10-08 17:12]:
> Hello,
>     I’m running as root and want to send notifications to remote
>     addresses. I’d like the first “Received” header to show “esmtpa”,
>     but it appears that in order to do that I have to authenticate.
>     Since I’m root and can control the server it seems like this
>     shouldn’t be necessary, but I recognize that if IP connections are
>     the only option to send SMTP, then authentication is necessary.

Pipe it to exim from command line and use "-oMr esmtpa" to specify the protocol?

Have a look at
and look for options that start with -oMa...

    -- Kirill Miazine <km@???>