Re: [exim] Rspamd-Proxy error with exim

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Author: Felix Schwarz
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Rspamd-Proxy error with exim

Am 26.06.2018 um 21:50 schrieb Andrew Lewis via Exim-users:
>> If it is correct that rspamd (in current versions) not longer operates
>> with Exim then we should cease claiming it does (until and if
>> someone develops new support), and may as well remove the nonfunctional
>> code.
> That's not correct. I still use Rspamd with Exim and have been upgrading
> through the various releases. It seems there has been some terrible
> miscommunication.
> The Rspamd proxy is an optional interface to Rspamd- Exim users doesn't need
> it. That said I have tested it with the stable release of Rspamd and found no
> problems (proxying of the legacy protocol works as far as I see).

Thanks for pointing it out. Just yesterday I compiled the latest rspamd to
check if the main daemon is actually incompatible with Exim now but didn't get
to post my results. Sorry for not speaking up sooner but I was not 100% sure
and did not want to spread false information.

So while the old rspamd protocol might be eliminated in the future it still
works right now. Long term the ideal solution is of course to support HTTP+json.