Re: [exim] Rspamd-Proxy error with exim

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Author: Andrew Lewis
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Rspamd-Proxy error with exim


I'm sorry about breaking the thread, I was not on the list.

> If it is correct that rspamd (in current versions) not longer operates
> with Exim then we should cease claiming it does (until and if
> someone develops new support), and may as well remove the nonfunctional
> code.

That's not correct. I still use Rspamd with Exim and have been
upgrading through the various releases. It seems there has been some
terrible miscommunication.

The Rspamd proxy is an optional interface to Rspamd- Exim users
doesn't need it. That said I have tested it with the stable release of
Rspamd and found no problems (proxying of the legacy protocol works as
far as I see).

It seems there was something invalid about the user's configuration:

Can we revive Rspamd support please? I expect a non-trivial amount of
people are actively using it.