Re: [exim] Help with dropping spam e-mail.

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Author: Jasen Betts
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Help with dropping spam e-mail.
On 2018-05-14, Mark Elkins via Exim-users <exim-users@???> wrote:
> I need help. (pun included)
> Someone is using "please@???" as the source of spam e-mail. The
> address does not exist...

step 0: publish an SPF record.

> delivering 1fI8dS-0008Pd-DC (queue run pid 700)
>   ** please@???: Unknown user

why are you letting this email onto the queue?

> ...but I do manage the domain ""

> or - somehow tell exim when it gets an unknown user to /dev/null it ???

can you instead tell exim which are valid users?