Re: [exim] Help with dropping spam e-mail.

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Author: Mark Elkins
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Help with dropping spam e-mail.

On 14/05/2018 12:25, Jasen Betts via Exim-users wrote:
> On 2018-05-14, Mark Elkins via Exim-users <exim-users@???> wrote:
>> I need help. (pun included)
>> Someone is using "please@???" as the source of spam e-mail. The
>> address does not exist...
> step 0: publish an SPF record.

except there is no guarantee that I am the only method of sending
e-mail's out for this domain. I do run mail submission relay services
for those that ask. Many customers still use their Internet service
provider though to send out email - which is far easier to set up for
themselves (a single SMTP machine name) vs Submission - which is a bunch
of configuration items. I do tell people that Mail submission to my
relay is better/safer/more secure/mobile
(587+authentication+ssl+StartTLS) but people are funny creatures - if it
works - don't change it.

>> delivering 1fI8dS-0008Pd-DC (queue run pid 700)
>>   ** please@???: Unknown user
> why are you letting this email onto the queue?

I'm not sure that I am explicitly doing that.
>> ...but I do manage the domain ""
>> or - somehow tell exim when it gets an unknown user to /dev/null it ???
> can you instead tell exim which are valid users?

The problem only arises for domains that I host. Need to sit down next
to Lena (or a similar person) and have them check my configuration.
(Is Lena at RIPE? - got friends there)

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