Re: [exim] HowTo integrate Spamassassin working?

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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] HowTo integrate Spamassassin working?
Forum <forum@???> (Do 22 Dez 2016 15:11:24 CET):

> Exim can operate with spamassassin.
> So please tell how this will work?
> It must be defined in the configuration.
> The configuration is exim specific.
> How i should know how to do this?

There is an example configuration file with good hints and starting
points. And there is an complete documentation about the configuration
file syntax and the configuration.

> >> I am generally confused with the exim configuration file. :-)
> > The documentation for the current version of Exim is here:
> >

> Here is all i can find for this:

What else do you expect?

> Only a deny if it is spam!
> How to alter the subject or doing something other intelligent thing such moving it to a spam folder?

It's up to you, to use your knowledge about the configuration and do
whatever you want with the messages.

Understand, how Exim works (ACL, Routing, Transport) and configure this
MTA framework according your needs.

You're welcome to ask about specific details (as you did with "Subject"
vs. Subject), but it's not wise to just yell 'help'.

You're free to ask for payed/unpaid Exim training, and consulting, but
please do not forget, the people here on that list, do the
on-list-support for fun, for their own ego-boost, but you can't *demand*
support here.

Please apologize, if I got your messages wrong.
And, generally it's considered poor style to contact addresses from this
list via personal mail, asking the same questions as you asked here. If
you need help, then there's a good chance, that somebody else will need
the same help and therefore would be happy to read the answer *here*,
not in private mail.

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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