Re: [exim] HowTo integrate Spamassassin working?

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Subject: Re: [exim] HowTo integrate Spamassassin working?
Am 22.12.2016 um 16:59 schrieb Heiko Schlittermann:
>> Here is all i can find for this:
> What else do you expect?

Some more practical examples.

Or an explanation that will better help to understand how this functionality is intended to be used.

>> Only a deny if it is spam!
>> How to alter the subject or doing something other intelligent thing such moving it to a spam folder?
> It's up to you, to use your knowledge about the configuration and do
> whatever you want with the messages.
> Understand, how Exim works (ACL, Routing, Transport) and configure this
> MTA framework according your needs.

It's done now.
There where this two things that doesn't work and i did not understand.
But with your kindly help i could master it. Thanks a lot!

> You're welcome to ask about specific details (as you did with "Subject"
> vs. Subject), but it's not wise to just yell 'help'.

Hmm - from my point of view i tried to make a good description of the problem.
It was not clear for me if it's a bug or a feature of exim that it doesn't work.
Please apologize if i asked in a wrong way.

But now everything is fine. It works perfect.
I hope this thread will help others with the same problem.