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Autor: Michael Haardt
A: exim-users
Assumpte: Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Exim 4.80 RC1 uploaded
> > The first is needed due to the HP-UX resolver library. I don't know
> > when res_state was defined, otherwise I would have used __RES to check
> > if it needs to be defined. 19931104 does not have it yet.
> *sigh* Thanks, I was worried this assumption would bite me; I'm
> surprised directly messing with _res has proved so portable. I think I
> saw some slightly struct names and want to avoid the main code depending
> upon __doubled_underbar names, so I think that fixing this in the os.h
> as you did is the correct path to take.

__RES was made specifically to let code work with different resolver
versions. I expect the same issue to come up with other old systems
and checking __RES would allow building without trouble on those old
systems where a current resolver is installed.

It should be ok for the release, though, and admins that run a current
resolver on HP-UX probably know what to edit. :)