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Autor: Todd Lyons
A: Michael Haardt, exim-users, Wolfgang Breyha
Assumpte: Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Exim 4.80 RC1 uploaded
On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 4:16 PM, Phil Pennock <pdp@???> wrote:
> > HP-UX 11 needs these additions to OS/os.h-HP-UX:
> > ----------
> > typedef struct __res_state *res_state;
> >
> >
> > #define strtoll(a,b,c) strtoimax(a,b,c)
> > ----------
> > The first is needed due to the HP-UX resolver library.  I don't know
> > when res_state was defined, otherwise I would have used __RES to check
> > if it needs to be defined.  19931104 does not have it yet.
> *sigh*  Thanks, I was worried this assumption would bite me; I'm
> surprised directly messing with _res has proved so portable.  I think I
> saw some slightly struct names and want to avoid the main code depending
> upon __doubled_underbar names, so I think that fixing this in the os.h
> as you did is the correct path to take.

On CentOS 5.x, I had to add -std=gnu99 to my CFLAGS for the
LLONG_MIN/LLONG_MAX errors to go away. Per googling, if I had not
been specifying CFLAGS in my spec file, I probably wouldn't have
experienced those errors because apparently on CentOS, override CFLAGS
causes it to lose some default set args.

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