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Author: W B Hacker
To: 1044
CC: exim-dev, David Woodhouse
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] [Bug 1044] CVE-2010-4345 exim privilege escalation
David Woodhouse wrote:
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> We could change the latter so that non-root and non-exim users invoking
> config files in ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX are *never* granted root privs, but
> I'm not sure we should. Comments?


> We might also want to have a colon-separated list of acceptable directories. In
> which case perhaps it shouldn't be repurposing ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX, but should be
> a new, different, option?


> We should *also* fix the CONFIGURE_USER and CONFIGURE_GROUP options, so that
> the exim user/group are not permitted to own the configuration files by default
> either.

Seems harmless. Even 'almost' transparent.

AFAIK they may be *permitted* to so own at present, but 'ordinarily' do not in

Eg: bog-standard *BSD install they are in ~/etc[/local]/exim/configure[n] and
owned by root:wheel anyway - not the exim daemon-runner or group.

(I can't speak for Linux)

Those using multiple [instance|parallel|selected] configs 'most likely' expect
to deal with several out of the ordinary situations, and could reasonably be
expected to support a change here in light of events.