Re: [exim-dev] Remote root vulnerability in Exim

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Author: Ted Cooper
To: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] Remote root vulnerability in Exim
On 11/12/10 06:31, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> I was worried about constructs like this
> old_pool = store_pool;
> store_pool = SEARCH_POOL;
> reset_point = store_get(0);
> ...
> internal_search_find(...);
> ...
> store_reset(reset_point);
> store_pool = old_pool;
> In this case, the store_reset would reset MAIN_POOL, which is not what
> the caller of internal_search_find wanted to do. But after reading the
> store code some more, I think that store_reset() would cause exim to
> exit in this case, so it could only cause a DoS.
> But you may want to fix internal_lsearch_find() anyway, in order to
> prevent future bugs and to make it clearer in the code that there
> really is no problem.

Is this what the pool_reset_issue patch in debian is about or is this an
even more significant change? From what I can see it looks like a
sensible thing to do. It doesn't have a detrimental effect and puts the
global state back to the way it found it.

Also, has the FD leak been addressed in an exim bug report at all? It
seems like a very sane thing to do also. There's no need for those to be
open to a running program.