Re: [exim] SPAMASSASSIN UNIX socket

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Author: Nigel Wade
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] SPAMASSASSIN UNIX socket
majid alavizadeh wrote:
> I change spamd_address:
> spamd_address: = 783
> New error:
> spam acl condition: warning - spamd connection to, port 783
> failed: Connection refused

Do you have a firewall blocking port 783 on all interfaces, by any chance?

Try it manually using spamc. Either feed it a file (even an email if you
have one in a file):

spamc -d localhost -p 783 < some_file

or type something at the terminal (and random garbage will do, all
you're testing is the connection to spamd):

spamc -d localhost -p 783

enter some random text and press ctrl-d to give EOF.

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