Re: [exim] Rewrite Reply-To dependent on another header

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Author: Ian Eiloart
To: phill-list, Exim, Users
Subject: Re: [exim] Rewrite Reply-To dependent on another header

--On 16 July 2009 14:59:29 +0100 Phill Harvey-Smith
<phill-list@???> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Re-sending this as it didn't appear to make it to the list, apologies if
> anyone gets it twice !
> I am a member of an email mailing list that's list owner insists on
> setting the reply address back to the original sender rather than the
> more conventional reply to the list.
> So what I would like to do is insert a Reply-To: header that by default
> sends replies back to the list. There are other headers that I can use
> to identify the list messages, so that I only re-write the correct
> messages, infact one of the headers the list software inserts, has the
> address of the list.

If you're the only affected list member, then follow Heiko's advice for
inbound messages.

Ask the list owner before adding such headers to your posts, though. It's
the list owner's policy, and it becomes part of the list culture, which
should be respected. If list members in general don't like it, then set up
a rival list, or lobby the owner to change the policy.

> I know the correct way to get this fixed is to convince the list admin
> to change things but they seem adamant that this is the best way of
> doing things despite the fact that I get the feeling most of the4 list
> members don't.
> Cheers.
> Phill.

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