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Author: Niall Mansfield
To: Alain Williams, exim-announce
CC: Philip Hazel
Subject: Re: [exim-announce] Exim/email-related stream at UKUUG conference, Birmingham, 7/8/9-August-2009
On Jul 13, 8:55pm, Alain Williams wrote:
> Should there be a BOF/open session on exim maintainance -- which
> is decidedly down since Phil retired ?

We can certainly arrange that if there is a demand. We've booked extra
rooms for BOFs and project-specific meetings, but we do need to know in
advance roughly how many people are interested, so we can schedule the
room, or include this as a talk in the regular streams.

If you are interested, e-mail to exim-ukuug at uit dot co dot uk

    Niall Mansfield
    (UKUUG conf. joint organizer)