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Author: Niall Mansfield
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim/email-related stream at UKUUG conference, Birmingham, 7/8/9-August-2009
Here's a summary of the e-mail topics being covered at the UKUUG
conference in Birmingham next month:

 * Making Exim talk to an LDAP directory server.
    Jan-Piet Mens
* Converting 16,000 user mailboxes from MBOX to Maildir++.
    Ian Norton & Paul Tipper:
* Bayesian statistics and e-mail filtering.
    Yann Golanski
* Winning the war on spam.
    Ian Eiloart
and perhaps one or two others awaiting confirmation.

       The keynote talk is:

Why security engineering will just keep on getting harder
    Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge

The full programme is at:
and the five tutorials (Drupal, Arduino, LaTeX, GIMP, VoIP) at:

To attend, register at: