[exim-announce] Exim 4.70 Release

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim 4.70 Release
Exim release 4.70 is now available from the primary ftp site:
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-4.70.tar.gz
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-4.70.tar.bz2 


This release is a combination feature and bug fix release. 
The major new features are:-
    * Native DKIM support without an external library.
    * Experimental DCC support via dccifd (contributed by Wolfgang Breyha). 

Other changes:-
    * PCRE is no longer included with the Exim distribution. You will
      need a separate PCRE library (and matching headers) to compile
      Exim. You will need to change your Local/Makefile to support
      this. Most modern systems have a packaged PCRE library,
      alternatively PCRE can be found at http://www.pcre.org/
    * Experimental Yahoo! Domainkeys support dropped in favor of
      native DKIM support. 
    * The documentation has been updated and regenerated.

As usual, all changes are in the doc/ChangeLog file, which can also be
seen at


The primary ftp server is in Cambridge, England. There is a list of mirrors in:
    * http://www.exim.org/mirmon/ftp_mirrors.html 

The master ftp server is now ftp.exim.org.

The distribution files are signed with Nigel Metheringham's GPG key
(address is nigel@???, key id is DDC03262), which is available on
the ftp site and on a number of keyservers. The ASCII signature files
are in the same directory as the tarbundles. The SHA1 hashes for the
distribution files are:

012d32acb63342f60d50f8905e20acb2f73f59b0 exim-4.70.tar.bz2
9483cf513f9b9b5a60e8228e88962c549b542f9d exim-4.70.tar.bz2.asc
f758ad1d31fa4b1dec538a160668e6f2b676a8a2 exim-4.70.tar.gz
248804500e01569383d84ae9e886e53cc62e6877 exim-4.70.tar.gz.asc
45c7e09dc0fafa62c31da880b96a9acef8d28ff5 exim-html-4.70.tar.bz2
f6126e084bfa6128069a06e86fa07140f3a5bf43 exim-html-4.70.tar.gz
ff80170aba79c25b773625c8e9f934690b714d7c exim-info-4.70.tar.bz2
716a3ffac67e33ba325549b1cfc250286b97f9c9 exim-info-4.70.tar.gz
f429a6cc6c6e388f9ad0775a77fe6bedc56027bb exim-pdf-4.70.tar.bz2
8f6c604c766333b6f78655bea90fd82d6701c69d exim-pdf-4.70.tar.gz
20f5dbafaea4c6ea8c8833b54743c451d6ae1735 exim-postscript-4.70.tar.bz2
b11e3b688dd1a05a92621442452da73e92b9ee98 exim-postscript-4.70.tar.gz
d7e2269330a437b92723795e3ff8577672480d12 exim-texinfo-4.70.tar.bz2
1396e1ed0b91a7ab4a0682ec15d52a4ee0c6f169 exim-texinfo-4.70.tar.gz


The distribution contains an ASCII copy of the 4.70 manual and other
documents. Other formats of the documentation are also available:
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-html-4.70.tar.gz
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-pdf-4.70.tar.gz
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-postscript-4.70.tar.gz
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-texinfo-4.70.tar.gz 

The .bz2 versions of these tarbundles are also available.

The ChangeLog for this, and several previous releases, is included in
the distribution. Individual change log files are also available on the
ftp site, the current one being:
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/ChangeLog-4.70
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/ChangeLog-4.70.gz 

Brief documentation for new features is available in the NewStuff file
in the distribution (although this was not fully updated before
release). Individual NewStuff files are also available on the ftp
site, the current one being:
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/NewStuff-4.70
    * ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/NewStuff-4.70.gz