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Author: Niall Mansfield
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim mini-conference, 6/7/8-Aug-2009, Birmingham UK?
(Apologies if this is a duplicate posting for you -- see [*] below.)

A few years ago I arranged a stand-alone Exim conference, which ran just
prior to a UKUUG conference. I've joined the UKUUG council, and the
UKUUG would like the Exim community to join in our Summer Technical
Conference. This makes running an Exim event very easy: we have the
venue booked and all the arrangements made: we just have to decide on
the number of meeting rooms needed.

Possible Exim-related ideas
- an Exim developers summit. We can provide a dedicated meeting room.
- a separate "mini-conf" running alongside the UKUUG conference.
- an Exim track within the main conference.
- a "Getting started with Exim" tutorial for newbies
- large-scale mail system administration

If you want to get involved, or just bounce ideas around, please give me
a shout.
(I've already heard that the maintainers list are interested, at least
to the extent of considering what might be possible. And we've had a
couple of offers of Exim-related papers already.)

More info
Conference wiki: http://summer2009.ukuug.net/
A5-sized call for participation:

venue:    The Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, B3 3HG
dates: Friday-Sunday 7-9 August 2009

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Niall Mansfield
UIT Cambridge Ltd.

[*] (a) the consensus last time was that sending to both announce and 
users is necessary because
     neither list is a proper subset of the other (b) There is new info 
in this msg.