Re: [exim] Exim drops core size

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Author: W B Hacker
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Exim drops core size
Eli wrote:
>> Perhaps Exim should have a knob to let people re-enable core-dumps
>> for deliveries, on a per-transport basis. Patches welcome.
> Just my two cents on this whole topic... Very few people know what
> to do with a core dump; even fewer even know what a core dump is.
> Out of the few that know what a core dump is AND how to use it for
> debugging purposes, I hope that none of them are 1) running debug
> code on a production machine, 2) debugging programs on a production
> machine, and 3) need a simple "knob" to enable core dumps (or any
> other low-level debugging routines) on a production machine.
> Not to say that everyone should have the ability to have a
> development system/environment, but I just believe that the select
> few that encounter problems of a magnitude that require low-level
> program debugging should not require a "program feature" to allow
> them to debug the code (beyond "exim -d" that is). Debugging
> shouldn't need to be done very often, and as such I believe that a
> source code #define switch (for example) should be sufficient for
> those that do require low-level debugging.
> I personally strip all my binaries (in fact, some distros may
> auto-strip on install I believe), plus I don't have debugging
> libraries, so I couldn't debug even if I wanted to. Such a set up I
> don't think is too uncommon for a production environment, and having
> a scriptable toggle to try and allow for core dumps would just be
> silly and useless in such a scenario.
> To be honest, if Jorg is having a problem that's causing Exim to
> crash and he's that intent on trying to solve the problem,
> re-compiling a debug-able version of Exim to try and reproduce the
> crash with a core dump (and whatever else he could do such as tracing
> the execution) would be the "right" direction. If he would prefer to
> be able to debug/examine core dumps whenever he would like, then he
> should probably just run a debug-enabled Exim binary all the time; I
> don't believe any runtime toggles should be necessary.
> Eli.


Any Exim falling-over I've *ever* had was traced to 'wetware' errors in
configuration fles as much as 3,000 lines long - and rapidly so, with no
more than exim and system logs.

Exim's superb debug CLI calls do the rest.

And all of the above are rare events in any case.