Re: [exim] Adding company disclaimer to outbound mail

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Author: Peter Rindfuss
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Adding company disclaimer to outbound mail
Conrad Lawes wrote:
> Thanks for responding.
> Yes, I did see it; however, it failed to provide any practical example of a
> transport_filter program script.
> <mini-rant>Many of the Exim manuals or how-tos would be more helpful to the
> less initiated, myself included, if some practical examples were provided as
> well</mini-rant>
> 2009/3/30 Rejo Zenger <exim-users@???>
>> ++ 30/03/09 12:05 -0400 - Conrad Lawes:
>>> Can anyone point me to instructions on how to append a company disclaimer
>> on
>>> all outbound mail?
>> You did search the internet before posting to this list and you did come
>> across <>, right?

I use this transport filter for adding a company footer to an outgoing

transport_filter = "/usr/local/bin/altermime --input=-
--disclaimer=/etc/exim/footer.txt --disclaimer-html=/etc/exim/footer.html"
driver = smtp

altermime is a program which takes care of the MIME structure of the
outgoing message. It comes from

Cheers, Peter