Re: [exim] Addid RBL Checks : NEED HELP

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Author: Peter Bowyer
To: exim users
Subject: Re: [exim] Addid RBL Checks : NEED HELP
On 02/05/07, exim.list exim.list <exim.userlist@???> wrote:
> I tried to add it but all mails started rejecting. Can some one pls help me
> out with this.

Not without much more information. If you're doing this on a live
system: stop. On a test system, or with a test config, make your
changes, do tests with exim -bh and see what's rejecting and what
isn't. If this doesn't meet your expectations, come back and tell us
what isn't working, why you think it's wrong, and the config and tests
you are using to test it.


Peter Bowyer
Email: peter@???