Re: [exim] All hotmail e-mail timing out

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Author: Renaud Allard
To: ben.tanner
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] All hotmail e-mail timing out

ben.tanner@??? wrote:
> As a slight aside (and not strictly exim!),
> This has been affecting a number of domains I deal with, and was a
> source of much bewilderment, as I couldn't track down any issues with
> the MTAs at my end.

> It seems that most of these changes to hotmail have happened in the last
> 8/9 days.
> Thanks,

I got the vanishing problem with hotmail a little bit less than 1 year
ago, the message vanishing experience was quite frustrating for most
users. This longed for about 4 months and now seems solved on my end.
Testing the sending of the very same mail to different users from
different places showed me that hotmail destroys some mails quite
randomly and without the knowledge from the sender or the recipient (the
message was accepted by hotmail servers but almost never delivered to
the user mailbox). Hotmail support was not better in any way, unless you
paid them for some obscure things that you would not been assured to
solve your issue. I warned users that most of their mails going to
hotmail would not pass. This just shows that hotmail is highly
unreliable and users wanting to use email services should stay far away
from it. But to be fair, this isn't exim specific, but only hotmail