Re: [exim] More integer annoyances in 4.65

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Author: Adrian Phillips
To: exim users
Subject: Re: [exim] More integer annoyances in 4.65
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Jackson <lists@???> writes:

    Tim> Jakob Hirsch wrote:
    >> Quoting Dean Brooks:

    >>> 1.  The variable $spam_score_int defaults to a blank value.
    >>> Therefore, ${if >{$spam_score_int}{50}}
    Tim> [...]
    >> The fix for your config would be: ${if
    >> >{${spam_score_int}0}{500}}

    Tim> Dean, is your config unusual in any way or, at a glance, are
    Tim> many people likely to hit the case of having an undefined
    Tim> $spam_score_int in the same way you have?

I am using very similar tests at work and home for what its worth.

    Tim> While Exim is very flexible (Turing-complete IIRC?), it's not
    Tim> supposed to be a programming language per se, so I think the
    Tim> old ("buggy") behaviour of implicitly equating null/undefined
    Tim> and zero was helpful in the context of writing readable
    Tim> configs. I think conditionals are complicated enough to
    Tim> beginners without having to explain the above
    Tim> abomination...Philip?

My initial reaction to the above "work-around" was the same and I'm
not a beginner (but not an expert either).


Adrian Phillips

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