Re: [exim] More integer annoyances in 4.65

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Author: Tom Kistner
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] More integer annoyances in 4.65
Jakob Hirsch wrote:

> The fix for your config would be:
> ${if >{${spam_score_int}0}{500}}
> ${if >{${acl_m}0}{1000}}

Yukk! :)

> # /usr/sbin/exim-4.63 -be
>> ${if ={bla}{0}}
> Failed: "bla" is not a number

Yes, but:

> ${if ={$acl_m0}{0}{yup}{nah}}


Using pre-4.63, with $acl_m0 uninitialized.

The change we made will break a very large number of configurations
(including a few of my own), and I vote for restoring the previous
behavior wholesale.

> OTOH, using an empty string in integer comparisons is definitely a config flaw.

I agree, but in this case continuity is more important.