Re: [exim] routing based on recipient address


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Autor: Adam Funk
To: exim-users
Betreff: Re: [exim] routing based on recipient address
On Saturday 13 August 2005 03:01, Dirk grosse Osterhues wrote:

> I'd like to set up a smartrouter for recipients hosted on,
> because aol keeps rejecting my mails. Depending on the recipients
> domain ( those mail should go through a smartrouter.
> My problem is that I can't find any variable which covers this problem.
> Is it possible with exim4?

I assume you're having the same problem I have with being blacklisted for
having a dynamic IP address. Here's how I do it:

        driver = manualroute
        transport = remote_smtp
        ignore_target_hosts = :
        route_list = *
        domains = /etc/exim4/domains-problematic.list

        driver = dnslookup
        domains = ! +local_domains
        headers_add = X-DCL-garcia: R dnslookup
        transport = remote_smtp
        ignore_target_hosts = :

followed by the stanzas for local addresses.

The file domains-problematic.list is just a list of domains separated by
newlines and can contain * for subdomains. Here's an excerpt.