[exim] Announcement: Mailing list and documentation changes

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: exim-announce, exim-dev, exim-users
Subject: [exim] Announcement: Mailing list and documentation changes
There have been some minor changes in the mailing list arrangements and
documentation - especially the wiki. This message attempts to explain
the current arrangement.

Exim Development Mailing List
The exim-dev@??? had an original brief of discussing changes to the
development process. The initial phase of this has now completed, and
so the list is changing function to be the primary forum for the
discussion of exim development - for example this is the place to
propose and discuss new features, bugs in exim's code or documentation

Discussions of exim configuration, care and feeding etc (other than in
the context of further development) are not appropriate for this list,
and should be taken to exim-users.

This list is open to all and publically archived.

Exim Users Mailing List
Anything and everything to do with the use of exim.

This list is open to all and publically archived.

You may have noticed that the trailer on each message now points you
towards the Exim Wiki - more on that below.

Exim Announce Mailing List
A very low traffic announcements list about Exim.

This list is moderated and publically archived.

Exim Maintainers Mailing List
This is a closed list for discussion of Exim maintenance. Typically it
is used for discussion and allocation of jobs among the maintainers. It
may also be used for discussion of security issues prior to public

The list is open to core Exim developers and those responsible for
packaging Exim on OS distributions. The archives are not publicly

Exim Wiki
The Exim Wiki is at http://www.exim.org/eximwiki/

This is intended as an adjunct for the mailing list and the
documentation - to allow further documentation to be grown and refined.
Ideally it will act as a partial cure for the mailing lists' "goldfish
mentality" where the same questions repeat endlessly.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute pages - normally by writing up
information from the mailing list and/or correcting pages in place. As
a minimum, if you see a particularly helpful mailing list post put a
pointer to its archived copy into ArticlesWorthConverting

The information from the FAQ has been put into the Wiki along with some
other information.

There are placeholders for tutorial information, but we do not have that
in place as yet.

Further Documentation
We need to get a feel for what works and what doesn't with Exim
documentation. Comments (either for or against) on whether the Wiki
works for extra documentation and/or as a FAQ replacement would be very
welcome. Ideas for what else we should be doing that would work well
for the documentation, without loading developers down too much.
Volunteers for any tasks along these lines are *always* welcome.


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