Re: [exim] ACL/Router

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Author: Paulo Andre
To: Jakob Hirsch
CC: 'Exim-users'
Subject: Re: [exim] ACL/Router
Jakob Hirsch wrote:
> Paulo Andre wrote:
>>>>     deny     message = user unknown
>>>>              domains =
>>>>               !sender_domains = +acc_domains   

>>> Should work. But you want this only be done for special local parts,
>>> so add a local_parts condition.
>> I have tried the above ACL and it doesn't work, I have one domain to
>> allow in the db, and yet all domains can send, do I need some
>> 'condition' in the acl?
> No, "condition" is only for things that cannot be done with any of the
> predefined conditions (like domains and sender_domains).
> Make sure you put this before an accept hits (I put these things right
> after acl_check_rcpt).
> And use the -bh command line option to run a fake smtp session and test
> your acl setup. E.g.:

I have run this, but the acl to check all local domains pass the message
through, can I add something to the acl that will force it to use no
other acls?