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Author: Peter Bowyer
To: Exim Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: [exim] problem with .forward
On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:07:44 +0100, dziury@??? <dziury@???> wrote:

> >
> > What did you expect to happen to a mail which you piped to the
> 'touch'
> > command? 'man touch' on my server doesn't say anything about it
> > reacting usefully to anything on stdin.
> >
> > If the file was created, then I think it has done exactly what you
> told it to.
> >
> > Peter
> >
> > --
> Peter , it isnt my point.
> i have given it by an example.
> im using .forward to run a sms delivery .
> when i .delete that .forward file mail is delivered.
> when i create that .forward sms is sent , but mail doesnt delivered.
> got it?

Now you've told us what problem you're really having, yes, thanks.
Please consider not wasting time (ours and yours) by obfuscating the
problem next time.

> my real settings :
> "|/home/test2/script"      (.forward)
> /bin/email2SMS -n 50 -FS  -l /bin/.list | /usr/local/bin/sms --cfg /
> home/test2/.smsrc 888728603 (script)

> as i wrote , i just have problem with MAIL DELIVERY when .forward is
> is use .
> Greg

It's doing what you told it to. The userforward router delivers the
message via the .forward file. That file caiuses the message to be
piped to your script. The message is now considered to be delivered;
it doesn't fall through to the localuser router.

If you want a dual delivery (normal + via .forward) you need to set
that up in the .forward file or in the routers.

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