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Author: De Leeuw Guy
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] tnef attachments
John W. Baxter a écrit :

>On 12/9/2004 1:54, "De Leeuw Guy" <G.De_Leeuw@???> wrote:
>>Anybody know a solution for this post ??
>>De Leeuw Guy a écrit :
>>>Hi all,
>>>I search the way, in exim, to convert the stupid winmail.dat
>>>attachement to traditionnal mime format for each messages that come in
>>>tnef format.
>>>It is possible ?
>>>Thanks in advance
>You could try to talk the Outlook users into switching their setting for the
>format of styled messages from RTF to HTML. You have so many that seems
>unlikely to work, however. (And, inside the local network, they may *want*
>the Microsoft cruft.)
> --John

Yes, but my problem is the users outside our network and our company.
I use thuderbird as client, and the management of the winmail.dat work,
but via wmparser (under windows)
Under linux, the manipulation it's not easy (save the attachment, use
the tnef tools to extract the files).
The best way for me is to correct the problem when the mail income and
send a message to the sender.
But how to correct the problem ........


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