FW: [Exim] Message-ID header

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Author: Mark Smith
To: exim-users
Subject: FW: [Exim] Message-ID header
> Have to admit, I do this the same way, though I capitalise ID: Ie:
>   # But do add Message-ID: and Date: headers for hosts in relay_hosts
>   warn  hosts = +relay_from_hosts
>         condition = ${if !def:h_Message-ID: {1}}
>         message = Message-ID: <E$message_id@$primary_hostname>
>   warn  hosts = +relay_from_hosts
>         condition = ${if !def:h_Date: {1}}
>         message = Date: $tod_full


For some reason the first test failed, but it's now working. Thanks to
everyone for their help.

However I don't see how I could have worked that out from the documentation;
where is the syntax of the condition defined, for example? Or am I being