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Author: Jeff Breitner
To: dmangiarelli
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] noob question
dmangiarelli@??? wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have the following scenario on my network.
>1 Microsux Exchange Server
>1 Debian + Exim + Courier + Squirrelmail :) Server
>I can send and recieve to everywhere but the Microsux server on my
>network. The MS server also cannot send mail to the exim box.
>Can someone help me configure this missing piece? I have read through the
>docs and from what I can tell this seems to be a routing issue? But I
>don't know how to set up what i need to make it work. I am a capable kind
>of guy once I understand how it works.
>This is a test box and if i can get this working i would like to make the
>exim box receive all the email for the domain and migrate everyone that
>doesn't share calendars to the exim box and forward the few calendar
>sharers mail to the MS box.
>Thanks for any help,

Since this exists on an internal network, where do these two servers
look for information pertaining to the internal addresses? If your Exim
box wants to send to "", it isn't going to be too
successful asking your ISP or other outside DNS about machines that
exist behind your firewall.

The options are; 1) run an internal DNS that those machines query or at
the very least 2) enter the required information into each machine's
host file.

I suspect the failure is due to this problem, but it's only a SWAG
because you didn't post the content of the bounce messages or log file

Good luck.