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Author: dmangiarelli
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] noob question
> Since this exists on an internal network, where do these two servers
> look for information pertaining to the internal addresses? If your
> Exim box wants to send to "", it isn't going to be
> too successful asking your ISP or other outside DNS about machines that
> exist behind your firewall.
> The options are; 1) run an internal DNS that those machines query or at
> the very least 2) enter the required information into each machine's
> host file.

There is an internal DNS server. I can ping the hostnames of both machines
without any problems and nslookup also resolves correctly.
The error message from the exim log gives a verify failed for SMTP
recipient email@??? the exim box has a user with
email@??? could it be getting confused? The wierd thing is the
Exchange server cannot send to the exim box either.
I am kinda puzzled since DNS seems to work fine.

> I suspect the failure is due to this problem, but it's only a SWAG
> because you didn't post the content of the bounce messages or log file
> content.
> Good luck.


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