RE: [Exim] Stopping out-of-office auto-reply mail loops

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Subject: RE: [Exim] Stopping out-of-office auto-reply mail loops
[ On Friday, January 23, 2004 at 16:03:50 (-0500), Eli wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: [Exim] Stopping out-of-office auto-reply mail loops
> Where are these all typically seen? I obviously know about mailer-daemon,
> but I've never seen the others in email addresses? Just wondering why these
> shouldn't have autoreplies sent to them, since I'm just doing up an auto
> reply router/transport myself.
> >No response should be sent to messages from ``-OUTGOING'',

typical of several 0lder mailing lists, IIRC

> ``-RELAY'',

I can't remember where that one comes from. :-)

> >``LISTSERV'',

the mailbox used by several mailing list management software packages

I guess I should add "MAJORDOMO" (and maybe "MAILMAN"?) to this list! :-)

> ``-REQUEST'',

typically used for auto-responders for many mailing lists


typically what the empty envelope sender address ("<>") expands to for
presentation in in an RFC-822 header.

> What about postmaster? I thought about possibly blocking that, but then I
> thought that postmaster should be a real person, and sending a vacation
> message to them may help let them know if someone can't get to an issue
> right away.

exactly. :-)

The idea with avoiding the above is to avoid needless interactions with
the most common autoresponders.

(remember the 7-day delay between sending another reply is what actualy
prevents any mail loops from having any serious impact)

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