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Author: Eli
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Subject: RE: [Exim] Stopping out-of-office auto-reply mail loops
>No response should be sent to messages from ``-OUTGOING'', ``-RELAY'',

Where are these all typically seen? I obviously know about mailer-daemon,
but I've never seen the others in email addresses? Just wondering why these
shouldn't have autoreplies sent to them, since I'm just doing up an auto
reply router/transport myself.

What about postmaster? I thought about possibly blocking that, but then I
thought that postmaster should be a real person, and sending a vacation
message to them may help let them know if someone can't get to an issue
right away.


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[ On , January 23, 2004 at 08:06:45 (+0200), Andrew Lewis wrote: ]
> Subject: [Exim] Stopping out-of-office auto-reply mail loops
> Currently I am experiencing problems where-in one user will set their
> out-of-office auto-reply on, and then mail another user who's auto-reply
> is on, causing an infinite mail-loop.

Perhaps you can at least point out the problem and its solutions to the
author/vendor of the software your users are misusing.

Here are some basic rules for automated e-mail agents such as vacation

No response should _ever_ be sent to the list posting address.

No response should ever be sent unless the recipient's mailbox is part
of either the ``To:'' or ``Cc:'' headers of the mail. This will almost
always prevent your e-mail autoresponder from replying directly to a
mailing list injection/posting address even if non of the other
remaining mechanisms prevent a reply.

No response should be sent to messages from ``-OUTGOING'', ``-RELAY'',
``LISTSERV'', ``-REQUEST'', ``MAILER'', or ``MAILER-DAEMON'' (where
these strings are case insensitive suffixes of the base mailbox name for
the sender or originator address, and should match any and all domains).

No response should ever be sent to the same address within some decent
length of time, such as seven full days. This will prevent mailer loops
from becoming denial of service attacks and will also help prevent
annoying human readers who don't need instantaneous reminders of your
status every few moments.

Finally, and most importantly, no reply should ever be sent if a
``Precedence:'' header is found that contains the value ``bulk'',
``list'', or ``junk''!

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