Re: [Exim] Exim-MySQL on FreeBSD (How?)

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Autor: ScaryG
A: adrian-ml
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Assumpte: Re: [Exim] Exim-MySQL on FreeBSD (How?)
> On (2002/09/03 15:01), Adrian wrote:
> I've installed the Exim-mysql port on FreeBSD
> but can't find any help in the Exim FAQ's or DOC
> on how to use it (ie. table layout and exim
> configuration samples).

Now you should have a look at vmail-sql. To add to your Exim-mysql

vmail-sql will have additional items to put in your exim configuration
file. It also makes it very easy to support multi domains. And there's a
web interface available so domain owners can fiddle with their domains'

There are lots of good add-ons to exim... mailscanner or exiscan for
virus. mailman for mailing lists, etc.


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