Re: [Exim] Exim-MySQL on FreeBSD (How?)

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Autor: Sheldon Hearn
A: Adrian
CC: exim-users
Assumpte: Re: [Exim] Exim-MySQL on FreeBSD (How?)
On (2002/09/03 15:01), Adrian wrote:

> I've installed the Exim-mysql port on FreeBSD
> but can't find any help in the Exim FAQ's or DOC
> on how to use it (ie. table layout and exim
> configuration samples).
> I'm hoping to move about 30,000 users to this
> system - will mysql cope? is postgrSQL better?

The exim-mysql port doesn't build and install a specialized

It just builds exim with mysql lookup support and installs that.

It's up to you to decide how to use mysql lookups.

It sounds like you were hoping that exim-mysql would store email
messages in a database. That's not what it does, unfortunately.