[Exim] copy header(s) into local error messages?

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Author: Lutz Pressler
To: exim-users
CC: lp
Subject: [Exim] copy header(s) into local error messages?

3.20 will have the features to mostly allow us changing from a multi (many)
instances to an one exim setup.
What I think would be necessary to not loose functionality in any case -
and IMHO usefull in general - is a possibility to copy header(s) from
the message "at fault" to locally generated error messages (and warnings).

Something like main configuration settings
errmsg_copy_headers = list:of:header:names
warning_copy_headers = list:of:header:names
(maybe expanded).

Philip, what do you think? Or is there a way to do this already? I haven't
found one.


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