[Exim] freeze_tell_mailmaster not working?

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Author: Dave C.
To: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] freeze_tell_mailmaster not working?
Hrm.. I've setup a system filter to trap certain messages and freeze
them, which I've tested and is working. I want to inspect them and
have the option to kill them or let them go..

Now, I want to be notified when it does so. No problem, I thought,
freeze_tell_mailmaster is the trick for me. So I get it set, and set
the errors_to address to my address, send a HUP to the daemon, and then
go on to try it out - and ACK.. It doesnt work.. No mention made in the
logs about freeze_tell_mailmaster, or of any messages being sent.. Am I
doing something wrong here or is exim?

debug output: (filter file content at bottom)

[root@hal exim]# exim -d9 djc
Exim version 3.15 debug level 9 uid=0 gid=0
Berkeley DB: Sleepycat Software: DB 2.4.14: (6/2/98)
Caller is an admin user
Caller is a trusted user
gecos_pattern "^([^,]*)," did not match gecos field "root"
sender address = root@???
set_process_info: 19073 3.15 accepting a local non-SMTP message from
spool directory /var/spool/exim space = 1216718 blocks; inodes =
504759; check_space = 5242880 (5120 blocks); inodes = 0; msg_size = 0
(0 blocks)
Sender: root@???
search_tidyup called
From: root@???
Subject: test-freeze

>>Original headers (size=46):

From: root@???
Subject: test-freeze

root@??? in *@hal.microwave.com? no (end of list)
rewritten sender = root@???
rewrite_one_header: type=F:
From: root@???
root@??? in *@hal.microwave.com? no (end of list)
search_tidyup called
>>Final headers:

P Received: from root by hal.microwave.com with local (Exim 3.15 #1)
        id 13vv4g-0004xd-00
        for djc@???; Wed, 15 Nov 2000 00:25:47 -0500
F From: root@???
  Subject: test-freeze
I Message-Id: <E13vv4g-0004xd-00@???>
T To: djc@???
  Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 00:25:47 -0500

Data file written for message 13vv4g-0004xd-00
Writing spool header file
Size of headers = 300
<= root@??? U=root P=local S=316 T="test-freeze"
exec /usr/sbin/exim -d9 -Mc 13vv4g-0004xd-00

Exim version 3.15 debug level 9 uid=502 gid=12
Berkeley DB: Sleepycat Software: DB 2.4.14: (6/2/98)
Caller is an admin user
Caller is a trusted user
set_process_info: 19074 3.15 delivering specified messages
delivering message 13vv4g-0004xd-00
set_process_info: 19074 3.15 delivering 13vv4g-0004xd-00
load average = 0.00 max = 6.00
Opened spool file 13vv4g-0004xd-00-H
user=root uid=0 gid=0 sender=root@???
sender_local=1 resent=no ident=root
Empty Tree
---- End of tree ----
body_linecount=3 message_linecount=8
running system filter as uid=0 gid=0 euid=502 egid=12
Filter: start of processing
Filter: end of processing
Delivery address list:
Frozen by message filter
Writing spool header file
Size of headers = 300

[root@hal exim]# exim -bP | grep freeze_tel

[root@hal exim]# exim -bP | grep errors_to
errors_address = djc@???

System filter contains:

if error_message then
unseen finish
if not manually_thawed then
if $h_subject: contains test-freeze then