[Exim] alias problem

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Author: Michal Kopacz
To: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] alias problem
There is configuration:
1. auth for netscape and oftlook
2. only auteticated user can relay hist mail
3. users have got aliases

I've got problem with aliases:
for example:
there is user account "h12de", and there is alias "chief", recieving
mail works fine,
but if user sends mail using MUA[(netscape) (filed space "email addres"
and "reply to" --chief@???) ] the letter is sended from acount
"h12de" not from "chief"

I'd like to hide an user account name.

Another think i want to do :

I want to do next step in authorization: authorised user account in
outgoing mail should be changed with alias.   why ? Becouse in this
moment if auhorised user knows
name of another account is able to send mail looked like it was send
from another.
for example:
                user "miro" knows that his boss has acount "chief",  he
configure his MUA,
:email : chief@???, reply to: chief@???, but in smtp user
writes "miro", and  sended mail look like sended from chief.

Pleeeeaaase help.