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Author: Two Man
To: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] (no subject)

I need your help. I have to handle a user's mail in the
following way:
Mails must be saved in a temporary directory, every mail in
a separate file. This works, the user's .forward contains
save /home/user/tmpmail/${message_id}
After the mail is saved, i have to move it to its final
location. I have wrote a shell script, wich moves all files
in the tmpmail directory to dstmail. It works from the
shell, but fails from the .forward. The second line in the
.forward file is:
pipe "/home/user/push"
Checking the Exim's log file, this line fails, returns an
error (69), and Exim send an error message to the sender.
Can You show me the way I can do it?

Thank You,