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Author: admin
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 2972] ACL check "!verify = reverse_host_lookup" gives error

--- Comment #2 from ente@??? ---
> >     warn    log_message      = [ACL_MAIL_UNAUTHED] Reverse DNS lookup failed
> >             !verify          = reverse_host_lookup
> >             set acl_m_reject = true
> >             add_header       = X-SPAM-REVERSE-DNS-LOOKUP: failed

> >
> You didn't show the bit of config actually producing that logged error...
> but why do you think it's a bug and not a real verification-fail?

see above. Those are the only lines having "reverse_host_lookup". So either the
error message is misleading or those are the lines creating the error.

> What '=' where?

The config contains an '='. The config actually also has a '!' before verify.
The error text in journald misses both: "verify reverse_host_lookup".

> Did you check the exact line number?
> Are you certain that the exim process concerned was using the file
> you investigated, and not some older edit, due to a lack of service-reload
> (or restart)?

Yes. I had to learn that nano jumps to line using <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+_. Yes, this
error was thrown after service restart. Actually this error bugs me since 2
days. But I had better things to do than creating an account on some website
only to report an error.

That error jumped lines while I was editing the file. Actually I edit the
original on my desktop before copying over to the server. On my desktop those
line had been activated until this morning. So I received that error like 10
times with different line numbers and whenever I jumped to that line, it has
been exactly the same "reverse_host_lookup" check. And yes, the error ocured
when I restarted exim.

The adjusted version at the beginning of my bug report is a result of trying to
fix the issue. The ACL is named "acl_mail_unauthed". So I thought maybe exim
has an issue when parsing my log message, which repeats the acl name (in
capital letters tho) followed by a colon as well. So I adjusted all my ACLs to
put the acl name in parenthesis. This made the error on exim startup go away
but now I get the other error when processing mail.

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